Tim Holehouse & Kaleb Stewart in concert!

12 november 2017
19.00 - 22.00 u

We sluiten het weekend dat we 1 jaar bestaan af met singer songwriters Tim Holehouse & Kaleb Stewart!

Tim Holehouse
Tim Holehouse is a versatile musician when it comes to musical genres: Black Metal, Hardcore, Experimental, Sludge – these genres are pies in which Tim Holehouse had his fingers in. Now, he is mostly touring as a blues guitarist with strong roots in the Delta Blues period, but with a lot of personality that is evidence for his musical endeavors.

Kaleb Stewart
Kaleb recently recorded a split record with British punk/blues artist Tim Holehouse and will tour Europe beginning in mid-November. He plans to release a full length on Sounds of Subterrania records in June of 2018.

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